Sree Rama Dasa Ashram, Chenkottukonam

Sree Rama Dasa Ashram

This Tapo Bhoomi is quite remarkable with the presence of the Mahasamdhis of two saints who had lived and attained immortality more than one thousand years ago. It has been further sanctified by the 45-year long intense, incessant and penetrating penance of Sree Neelakanta Gurupadar.

Ashram is a Tapobhoomi (Land of penance and realisation) and is spread over 14 cents of land (1 cent = 40 sq. meter). The fourteen cents symbolise the 14 regions of  spiritual existence explained in the Hindu Puranas as 14 Lokas : 7 subtle and 7 gross worlds.


Temple Complex at the Ashram comprises:

  • SEETHA–RAMA–ANJANEYA SHRINE (consecrated by Brahmashree Neelakanta Gurupadar)
  • SHAKTHI–GANAPATHY SHRINE (consecrated by Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvatikal)


A circular light forms through the horizon.It lights up keeping the sky as the background at the place where the sky joins the sea.Like keeping a lot of lighted lamps,lamps that lightup without movement.To this side of the lights there,are more lights,like the lights of a chuttambalam,that reaches upto the horizon.I remain at the center and envision the lights around me.Then the lights will reach unto the horizon.The sanctum sanctorum at the center is Myself. This is the Jyotikshetram.Countless lights lightup in it.countless number of Jeevathmas are there; these lights represent them.Accepting the divinity of gurutvam of these,each Jeevathma is represented by each light,total representation of the jeevathmas ,centralised ,is it’s lamp.That is the reason why it is brought from the respective holy places.Without depending on holy places or holy concepts no jeevathma can rise to the Paramathma level.The Chuttambalam around symbolises prayer.This is the pradikshina patham for our jeevea to enquire about the concept of God that stretches upto the limits of the horizon It is an external expression or symbol to realize that this is all pervading.There is a horizon in our mind.That horizon is the end of all expansions.It is chaithanya that is the basis for arriving that far.Otherwise it will not expand to that extent.While expanding, again,what we perceive when we arrive is saturated with the chaithanya of the same great souls or Guru tradition.Thus the expansion from the state of mind to Chaithanya,when it reaches the limits of the horizon,the universe exists only within that.The Universe exists only within the horizon of cogniscence,including the Sun.what is exhibited here is a symbol of that.

Sree Ramadasa Ashram, Ramagiri


Sree Ramadasa Ashram at Ramagiri was setup in 1981. Swami Krishnananda Saraswathy, trusted disciple of H.H.Swami Sathyananda Saraswathy is the present Head of the Ashram.

He set foot on the soil of Ramagiri on 28th April 1981. Tirelessly he met devotees and well wishers, traveled to every nook and corner of Mumbai, many a time on foot, and taught about the effiicacy of pooja, the spiritual prowess of Swamiji and the universality of Gurupadar’s teachings.

The area at Ramagiri had already been seen by Swamiji in His visions and described to Swami Krishnanandji.

On May 26,1982, i.e. 17th Mahasamadhi anniversary of Brahmashree Neelakanta Gurupadar, celebrations were performed in Mumbai with prayers and archana. Numerous meetings were held with various important personalities like M.Madhavan(ex-mayor of Mumbai), Yesudas, Kona P. Rao (then Governor of Maharashtra), Thagadi Shivashankara Pillai, etc. to educate them about and enlist their cooperation for this world-uniting project.

Even with no money in hand, and just Swamiji’s ‘vibhooti’ to guide him Swami Krishnanandji convinced the superstar singers and actors of that era, like Anup Jalota, Ravindra Jain, Usha Mangeshkar,Yesudas, – Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Chakraborty, Deven Verma, Poonam Dhillon, etc. to help raise funds through a charity programme. Some of them even wirtnessed miracles being performed by the use of vibhooti – like Anup Jalota’s wife being cured of a severe throat-ache within minutes of applying vibhooti.

Finally, through tireless effort, the blessed land was purchased. It was the first step to creating a spiritual powerhouse for the future!